I grew up in a Christian home with great parents who walked the walk. My parents made their decisions by bringing them before the Lord, I can remember even from a very young age hearing my Dad talk to my mom about God’s direction for our family. As you can imagine relying on God’s direction rather than their own, lead to a very interesting childhood. We moved a lot, We were homeschooled way before it was trendy. We ate healthy foods long before most people even realized how unhealthy they were eating. My parents adopted my brother and sister, and pretty much didn’t give a care what anyone else thought about it. But as you look back you can see what God was doing, like a master chess player he was moving his pieces into position. At some point we started attending a church that was involved with an organization in Guatemala, and they had a short term mission trip coming up. Growing up in church I always felt sort of an obligation to do a short term mission trip, sort of a Christian rite of passage. I somewhat reluctantly agreed to go along, my father and sister were going too, so I didn’t really have an option. The trip went smoothly, a few mosquito bites, and long hikes up into the beautiful mountains of Guatemala. Everything went as planned until the final night of the trip. As most short term trips do, we celebrated on the last night with testimonies and a big dinner. At the end of the dinner the director asked how many feel that they would like to return to Guatemala to serve again? I think everyone stood up but me, I was content, I had done my part and felt absolutely no need to return. Later that night though as I was packing up my suitcase my Dad approached and asked a question that would change my life forever. He simply asked “What would you think about moving down here?” Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised but I was, I honestly remember thinking maybe he will just forget. But he didn’t and in less than a year my parents had raised their financial support and we were on our way down to Guatemala.  After around six months I drove back to the U.S., I thought I was ready to get on with my life. But God had a different plan. After a short time back in the US, God started pushing me to return to Guatemala to help my parents, I fought him on it stubbornly refusing to accept this answer as I continued to pray for guidance. Finally God gave me an ultimatum either I could continue as I was, or I could return to Guatemala as he wanted and that I would be blessed for doing so. So i went and now as I look back over my life those years from 18-20 yrs old made me who I am today. Let me be clear if I had not listened, if I had Not obeyed all those years ago I would not be the man I am today. I saw what the world is really like, not this bubble we live in here in the US, I also saw things that were difficult. I learned empathy, I learned to take responsibility and to make sacrifices, and build a great bond with my father.  Let's jump ahead around 20 yrs to summer 2017. About 2 years earlier my family moved out of the suburbs and into rural America, to a small homestead much better suited for raising kids. There is nothing as beautiful to me as seeing my kids sweaty and dirty from a long day of playing in the creek and wrestling with their dogs. As much as I love our new home this left me with a long commute 2 plus hours to work and 3 plus hours home everyday. this commute left me with very little time with my family but a whole lot of time to pray, think, & listen to audiobooks and podcasts, I began to increasingly feel a burden for Christian men, so many of whom seem lost, and unable to find their bearings, unsure of their role is in our changing world. Out of this Ever Vigilant was born and continues to evolve to better Equip men to Prepare, Defend and Lead at home and in their communities.


In July of 2015 our family, my two wonderful children and beautiful wife, moved out of suburbia and onto a small rural homestead. Our life has become more exciting as we try new things and overcome new challenges. God has blessed us with chickens, ducks, goats, dogs, and cats on our small homestead along with a variety of fruit trees, and bushes. Moving so far outside of the metro area did come at a cost, a ridiculously long commute. Although there is very little as satisfying after a long day, than coming home to children dirty from a day of playing in the creek, wrestling with dogs, and chasing chickens. If my family is actually important to me, not just a talking point or bumper sticker slogan, five hours of daily commute time is unsustainable. That is why I am embarking on this next adventure, of starting a small business. I have been working with kydex for several years making holsters and custom knife sheathes for friends and family. I hope that you would consider me for your next Kydex project and let me show you my attention to detail.


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